June 10, 2017

The Society for Human Resource Management projects that salary budgets will increase by 3% this year. That’s a meagre increase given the tight job market and the fact that this increase is around the same as 2016.

If you adjust this increase for inflation – at around 2....

June 9, 2017

When you are mid-career looking to climb to the next level in your career, there is one thing you think about often. How can I become more influential among senior leaders?

The common mistake most professionals make is assuming that influence is synonymous with gregario...

June 8, 2017

At the start of the new year we typically set goals. There is nothing wrong with doing that. Goals give us direction; they instill hope in us - and in a way – put us in the mindset to succeed.

This year, I did things differently.

I chose to go on a career retreat. I bloc...

June 6, 2017

Personal branding is no longer about managing our external image. It has morphed into the foundation on which major career and life decisions are made. In other words – your personal brand – is the new currency of business. It influences how much you are paid, who goes...

June 4, 2017

We’ve all heard so much about personal branding. The perceptions of a personal brand are far reaching – from your external image to how often you say please and thank you.

What usually baffles many of my clients is the answer to one simple yet difficult question: what i...

June 2, 2017

We now have two full-time jobs: getting our day-to-day jobs done while simultaneously managing our careers.

After coaching dozens of high-achievers on career planning, getting promoted and personal branding, the most common question I usually get is: how do I build a su...

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June 10, 2017

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