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"Coaching from the inside out, I help high-achieving introverts uncover their biggest and boldest dreams, remove roadblocks and connect these dreams with powerful goals and outer actions. "

Coaching Packages 

Recognize any of these feelings around making a career or job transition right now?


● You feel like you’ve lost your mojo and can’t seem to bring yourself to get out of bed on a Monday morning

● You feel defeated and drained after months of endless job search.

● You feel stuck and unmotivated in your career right now but you can’t seem to

put a finger on what will make it better.

● You know you want more for yourself and your career but it’s so hard to put that

plan into action.

● You wake up everyday not knowing who is the person staring back at you in the

mirror. You constantly ask yourself, what am I good at?

● You are unwilling to tolerate mediocrity anymore, you want more money,

more responsibilities and a chance to TRULY stretch yourself....

Being in a place like that is tough and I know you deserve more! I also know that going through a career transition is not easy; especially after having coached dozens of clients around this. 


The first steps are usually the hardest. It’s the fear that holds you back, diving into the big unknown or even shooting your dreams down because you consider them too lofty or ambitious. 

It’s sometimes the plain truth that you feel like you’ve exhausted everything you know you could possibly do. You’ve had multiple interviews, you’ve become an expert at applying to jobs, and you can no longer count on your fingers the number of conversations you’ve had in a week.


That’s why I’ve created my three-month career coaching package for you.

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Phase 1:

Build Your Career Transition X-Ray

We will spend time uncovering and reviewing your values, passions, background, and strengths to craft a vision and goals for your career. You deserve to do awesome work and have the career of your dreams. We will also focus on removing any personal obstacles and blocks (self-confidence, fears, etc) that may get in your way.

Phase 2:

Go On Career Transition Safari

Based on your career vision and motivations, I’ll coach you around doing some sleuthing to figure out the ideal company and job for you. We will also work on your personal approach to leading high-energy conversations that spark curiosity, quickly

produce insights and forward actions.

Phase 3:

Develop Brand & Marketing Collateral


Here we will craft your value proposition, design a shiny and spotless LinkedIn profile, guide you through crafting your resume and cover letter to position you for your next dream transition.

Phase 4:

Execute Your Career Transition Campaign


I’ll coach you around a special approach of running transition campaigns that have considerably shortened the transition timelines for many clients. We will also spend time on relationship building strategies, informational interviewing and delivering peak

performance in transition interviews.

Ready to make your next big transition? 
Career Transition Coaching Package

● 2-hour Introductory Discovery Coaching Intensive

● 8 1 hour Coaching Sessions (over 3-month period)

● 90 Minutes Recorded Mock Interview & Debrief

● Shiny and Spotless LinkedIn profile

● Transition Workbook

● Guided Actions & Accountability After Each Coaching Session

● Unlimited Email Support During Coaching Engagement

Ready To Make Your Next Career Transition A Reality?

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Get Promoted! Jumpstart
● Are you struggling to get promoted at work? Great news! I've got your back with my Get Promoted! Jumpstart coaching conversation. 

In 45 minutes, I will tell you why you are not getting promoted at work and provide you with two concrete steps to fix this.

Powerful online 360 reputation assessment used by Fortune 500 companies. You will first do the online self-assessment for 10 minutes and then send it to 5 people of your choice for feedback. It typically takes 5-7 days to gather insightful responses.

● 24 hours after closing your assessment you will get a detailed report by email with insights on how others perceive you.

● Afterwards, you do a 45-minute powerful coaching debrief with me


Ready To Make the Jump?

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Design your own Career Transition Package


Build your own 3, 6 or 9 months career transition package.






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