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Get Promoted! Coaching Package

These days a job promotion seems impossible....
  • Maybe you feel like you were passed over for a promotion by someone less qualified than you are...

  • Maybe you feel invisible, not taken seriously and undervalued in your current role...

  • Maybe you secretly desire to lead a high-profile project at work but don’t have a clue how to make it happen....

  • Maybe you feel frustrated, drained and hopeless because you are working really hard but you are still stuck in the same role…

  • Maybe you are a high-achieving quiet person who is finding it overwhelming to stand out amongst all the BIG personalities on your team...

  • Maybe you are an introvert who knows you have to get yourself out there, but deep down you feel really icky about doing this...

  • Maybe you are a “fast-riser” who recently you feel like the brakes have been slammed on your career advancement...

Saying that you want a promotion is great, but the truth is, you have to be very intentional and be willing to work for it.


Those who get ahead and stay ahead in their careers prioritize daily actions for their next big promotion as an ESSENTIAL part of their job duties at work.


Let me ask you this: what would be different in your life if you got promoted to do work that you LOVE?


Seriously. Think about this for a second.


It’s a ridiculously awesome picture, right?

Now imagine this...


  • Waking up to a congratulatory email from your boss about a generous pay increase. The financial pressure is finally off. You are able to put a down payment on that town house you’ve been eyeing and pay off your student loans twice as fast.


  • Being at the pinnacle of your career. Things are going exactly as planned. You now have a seat at the table where you are valued, heard and respected. In fact, you are about to update your bosses on some major milestones in your multi-million-dollar project.

What if I told you that you are perfectly capable of getting there?


In fact, here’s my ridiculously straight-forward 6-step journey to getting you there.


We’ve got this!


Take a deep breath, grab your favorite adult beverage and read on...

Phase 1: Build your career masterplan


This is where we spend time mapping out your career trajectory and setting goals for your career acceleration 1, 3 and 5 years from now.


Phase 2: Develop Your “Signature” Presence


Here we will review your innate strengths, technical capabilities, mindset, wardrobe, communication style, body language and unique personality to develop your value proposition and leadership presence so you standout.


Phase 3: Enhance Personal Effectiveness

Our goal is to heighten your awareness on the competitive skills that will get you ahead - listening, trustworthiness, emotional intelligence, personal accountability, confidence - so you can continue to grow and deliver peak performance.



Phase 4: Observe the “Lay of the Land”


You will do some sleuthing to understand how people are promoted within your company, who holds the cards to get you promoted, politics within your department and potential roadblocks to your promotion.


Phase 5: Develop Your Strategic Networking & Savvy Self-promotion DNA


It’s time to take action to strategically network with those who hold the keys to your promotion as well as raise your consciousness on how to expertly navigate any internal politics and become more visible and influential. I will also coach you on a proven technique to approach and secure a benefactor for your career.


Phase 6: Become a Negotiation Ninja


Through a tailored, expert-backed negotiation approach you will learn how to confidently ask for and get more (money, responsibility, etc) at the time of promotion so that you don’t come across as a career shark or damage your hard-earned relationships.

Ready for your next big promotion?



  • 9 1-hour Coaching Sessions

  • Complete journey through all six phases of the Get Promoted program

  • Full 360 Reputation Review

  • Fancy Get Promoted Workbook

  • Unlimited Email Support During Coaching Engagement

  • Detailed Action & Follow Up After Each Coaching Session

  • Proven Negotiation Advice


     Want to make a Jumpstart On Your Next Big Promotion?

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This package is perfect for those high-achievers who want to reach their goals faster, and recognize that they will need to get more in-depth support and feedback to score that next BIG promotion.


In addition to the benefits that you will get from above, you also get:


  • 5 30-minute interviews with five colleagues of your choice

  • Priority scheduling with me

  • 2-hour kickoff coaching intensive to learn more about you and your goals

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