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"Maya Angelou’s wise words, stand up straight and realize who you are, that you tower over your circumstances. Stand up straight, absolutely changed the core of my being."


MBA + BA in Journalism

Coaching Experience

         4 + years

Corporate Experience

          7 + years

I am Benton McTaggart.


Ah-ha! I know what you are thinking. Yes, my great, great grandfather was from Scotland; however, I am a born-and-bred Jamaican.


I am excited that you are here, because we are both alike - we are high-achieving introverts who value respect, growth and accomplishment. We are both building a career we love, and we are looking to quietly standout out in a way that is true to our personal styles.

You understand how hard it is for us to stand out in our very extroverted workplace. It’s tough to self-promote, ask to be on a high-profile project, negotiate a raise or even navigate the very intricate web of politics that dominate our office environments.

Not embracing who we truly are, and using our gifts costs us BIG time. We have to find a path to get us out of our own way...


About Benton.

The cost? We are passed over for BIG promotions. Opportunities that directly impact our career growth, personal development, emotional state and our bank accounts! It leaves us feeling drained, disappointed and not respected.


Well, this time, we’ve got this!


I take people like you through a straightforward 6-step journey that helps you quietly standout in the workplace, so that you are promoted faster and paid generously in the process. And, drum roll, you don’t have to change who you are one bit in the process. Instead, you walk away feeling valued and respected.


My coaching process allows you to build nothing short of a 5-star career while quietly moving to the top, achieve peak performance, and become savvy at internal networking and self-promotion while being true to your personal style.

I’ve had those days at work where I rode in the “I-am-a-quiet” person’s seat, so they will notice me if I work hard. I did just that. I put my head down and worked REALLY hard. I achieved results after results. And in varying themes, I heard from my bosses: Benton you are such a terrific worker and a behind the scenes guy.


Wait...what?, I would often wonder, then why am I not being promoted!?


So, I started doing something different at work. I embraced who I am; an introvert who is able to build powerful one-and-one connections, listen so deeply that I build an enormous amount of influence up-and-down the organizations without even realizing it and that I have a calm, yet humble personality that allowed me to effectively lead through the deepest organizational politics.

My career took off in ways unimagined.

At age 24, I advanced to a senior management role, leading internal communications for 13 countries for a global telecoms company while advising C-Suite leaders (CEO, CMO, CTO, and country managers) how to better engage their people. I completed an MBA at 26, gaining admissions to all three competitive MBA programs I applied to.

Right after completing my MBA, I successfully transitioned to my sweet-spot, coaching high-performing professionals with a modern fintech company.  Scores of my clients have either landed jobs or got promoted in Fortune 500 companies including: Apple, Deloitte Consulting, McKinsey & Company, Cognizant, Bank of America, HP, Flextronics, Brinks, New York Times, Minted and many others.


Now I help high-achieving midcareer professionals stand out in the workplace, so that they can be promoted faster and get paid more. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

The men and women I coach are high achievers; they know what they want and they recognize what’s getting in their way. They are not afraid of working to embrace their better selves. They tend to be quiet, introspective, curious, calm, humble and very self-aware.


They tend to feel uncomfortable “getting themselves out there” and would much rather go home to nice glass of wine or bottle of beer to a crowded after work happy hour. I can show you how to do this without feeling iicky or changing who you are.


On a personal level I value: respect, empathy, growth, transparency and positivity. My clients typically describe me as reliable, supportive, knowledgeable and honest. I am also fascinated by other cultures. I have worked on teams with individuals from 21 countries. I speak Spanish; make a tasty Jamaican Curry and currently hold the record at my gym for single leg pressing 760 pounds.

Start writing your story now, read my blog post on how to build your 5-star career.

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