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Personal Branding Workshop

Empowering Personal Branding Presentations

Benton is a well-trained and highly sought-after speaker and trainer on his unique 4-step system to personal branding. He’s among a small cadre of personal branding professionals in the world to hold the designation Certified Personal Brand Strategist, through 360 Reach, an International Coach Federation-approved training institute.


He has tailored content as well as can develop custom content for varied audiences from top executives to B-school students, high-performing introverts, from professional coaches to sales professionals.


Some ideas of topics that Benton has expertise in and can present on:

  • Executive Leadership Branding

  • Authentic Branding for Diversity Groups e.g. Women, International MBAs, Introverts)

  • Uncovering & Leveraging Your Personal Brand for Success

  • Brand Positioning for Career Transitions

  • Online Branding

  • Thought Leadership Development and Execution

  • Personal Brand Identity Development

  • Employee Career Branding

“Benton's passion for personal branding showed through consistently in our time working together: not only in the few client meetings I had the pleasure of sitting in on, but also when he trained me, along with others on our team, in developing our own personal brands. Benton earned my seal of approval early, but has continued to show his merit time and time again. I would recommend him without hesitation and thoroughly believe he's destined for tremendous success."

Gabby Bill, Harvard MBA & Career Coach & Consultant, SoFi”

“ Benton is an incredibly thoughtful brand expert and career coach. Through SoFi's Career Coaching Program, Benton guided me through deep questions about my personal brand and finding the sweet spot between vocation and market need. Most importantly, he helped me find paid work that I love. I couldn't recommend him more highly."

Peter Glenn, Senior Marketing Manager, Glassdoor

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