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A 3-Step Action Plan to Make your 2018 Resolutions Happen

It is that time of year again. Our spirits are high. We are in a joyful mood. The holidays have given us a chance to reconnect with what is important to us: our faith, families, or our careers. We close out an eventful year – and start planning for 2018.

We are ready to set the famed New Year’s Resolutions. You know: our boldest goals to wake up at 5:00 am every morning, eat more healthily or score a big promotion at work.

The thing is, 80% of our New Year’s Resolutions fail by the second week of February, according to an article by the Business Insider. In other words, you are 20% likely to succeed when you set the traditional New Year’s Resolutions.

I can absolutely relate to that statistic.

I have set bold and ambitious goals just before the New Year. In the planning phase, it felt good and I was pretty psyched about the thought of meeting these goals. However, through my trial and error with setting New Year’s Resolutions, I have found a three-step approach that have worked wonders in my personal and professional life.

It has helped me to become 20 pounds lighter in under 8 weeks; consistently meditate for 15 minutes or more every day and joyfully wake up 4:30am 6 days per week to either go to the gym or get some yoga done.

It is called the MAC method. This can be used with any goals you have – whether it is to bring my joy in your life or to score a promotion and big raise in 2018. The focus is not placed squarely on the goal itself per se but rather on the energetic commitment behind what you want to do.

Here is the three-step process to make the MAC method help make your resolutions happen.

Mindset Foundation

Having the right mindset is critical to achieving greatness in your life. This is more than just what you are thinking in the moment. It is also about understanding the default subconscious belief system that is working for or against your desired goal. It is about making a decision to become the person who needs to accomplish the goal at hand. It is understanding that obstacles may get in the way - but with the right focus, belief, and actions - what you are after will manifest.

If your resolution is to make 100K or more in 2018 and you have a default subconscious mindset that goes something like this: to make 6 figures I will have to work hard and I won’t have a life. And you value relaxation and enjoyment, then either consciously or subconsciously you will find a way to work against that goal. Here are three primary questions to tap into your mindset around your goal:

  • Why do I really want to achieve this goal?

  • What do I believe is REALLY possible? (Be honest here. If you do not believe it is possible, why is that? What assumptions are you making about yourself? How can you challenge those assumptions?)

  • Who do I need to be to make it happen?

Approach aligned with who you are

You want to have an approach that is aligned with who you are. This will increase the likelihood that you will follow through on your resolution. I recommend keeping this very simple, consistent and something that is repeatable.

You may want to become lighter and more fit in the New Year. And let’s say a very important value for you is to have a lot of fun. Then you want to craft an approach that allows you to be fun. So perhaps, instead of going to the gym, you instead sign up for a high-energy dance class 3 times per week. You may even come up with a fun plan to make your eating habits more healthy and enjoyable.

The idea here is that you want to develop a method that allows you to express certain behaviors that are core to you. That way it does not feel like doing additional work but rather it is being who you are.

Find your Charge

This is the intention that you are putting behind what you are doing. It is the specific message and energetic commitment that you are putting behind what you want to achieve. Think of this as the specific desire and gain that you are about to achieve.

Your charge is what will keep you engaged and committed to your big resolution. It is that internal buy-in that is going to help you feel like and operate as if you already have what you are after.

Instead of writing down specific goals, decide on what you want to feel or experience. Examples:

  • I am in my healthiest, most fit and energetic body on February 20, 2018 (This might be someone who wants to become lighter)

  • I am joyfully enjoying quality time with my three kids and wife three nights per week (This might be for a busy executive who wants to slow down and spend more quality time with his family, even if it’s just 10 minutes he has to dedicate to this desire).

Next decide on what is the first baby step to bring that intention to life. In the case of the executive above, his first baby step may be to define what he means by ‘quality time.’ Then once that baby step is accomplished, then the next small step is identified. This is about taking small steps towards climbing a mountain rather than trying to climb the mountain all at once.

Resolutions are important as they give directions on how you want your life, business or career to unfold. However, for you to realize them, there are to be some simple foundations that will set up for success. It’s important to be clear on your intention behind the resolution as well as have a proper mindset and approach that will help you to bring the resolution to life.

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