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What people are saying about Benton.

Vision. Action. Growth.

“Benton was my career strategist during my transition from Amica Insurance into the JET programme. His knowledge and direction allowed me to construct a plan of attack for the application and interview process, including a bevy of resources and a mock interview that mirrored my real one. In addition to this prep, Benton also assisted me with exploring other career options and conducting effective informational interviews. He is a pleasure to work with and had a meaningful impact on my application and acceptance for the JET programme. I recommend him highly."

Adam Michael Christenson, 

Account Manager, Amica Mutual Insurance

“I got the raise I deserve! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Benton for the past two years, as both of us are members of

the local gym. He is always easy and friendly to approach and was welcoming when I asked for his professional coaching. Benton was very helpful on how I should prepare myself for my annual job performance review. I was impressed on how insightful and knowledgeable he was about different methods to proceed. His tools were valuable on helping me develop my short and long term goals in my career and personally growth. I would highly

recommended Benton!"

Alexandra McSorley, 

Account Sales Manager

Benton, was amazing as a career coach. He not only provided a knowledgeable and empathetic sounding board during my career exploratory process, he gave very practical steps to move forward. Each session had time for sharing progress, discussing challenges and mapping out the next steps. I moved very far along in my job search and discovery pattern without feeling forced or pressured to know all of the answers at any given instant. Benton created a space for me to figure things out at a time that could have been very overwhelming and I would definitely recommend him to anyone searching for career coaching!"

Shermica Farquhar, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business MBA & Founder & Chief Growth Advisor, Solutions by SF, LLC


“ I knew I liked Benton from the very first time we spoke. Maybe it was the soothing tones of his Jamaican accent or maybe I just knew instinctually that he was special. Either way, my gut proved right, and I found in Benton a skilled, inquisitive coach, an open-minded partner and a friend. Benton's passion for personal branding showed through consistently in our time working together: not only in the few client meetings I had the pleasure of sitting in on, but also when he trained me, along with others on our team, in developing our own personal brands. Benton earned my seal of approval early, but has continued to show his merit time and time again. I would recommend him without hesitation and thoroughly believe he's destined for tremendous success."

Gabby Bill, Harvard MBA & Career Coach & Consultant, SoFi

“I was assigned as a client to Benton as I was looking for a career coach and personal branding expert to help in reorienting my overall professional profile and refocus my career. Benton was very knowledgeable on what makes a profile stand out and what steps are needed to achieve this. Our work throughout this process allowed my to reassess my capabilities and skills, review my experience and redefine my positioning in a way that aligned with my stated career objectives. He also helped me in articulating a clear and powerful pitch that was in line with the skills I wanted to showcase and supported my value proposition. Benton is a wonderful Career Coach and Strategist and was very instrumental in my ongoing personal branding process."


Rudolph P. St. Jean, ICT Consultant & Project Management Specialist

“ Benton is a very well trained and empathetic personal branding expert. He has the core qualities of an excellent coach: good listener, detailed knowledge of his field, patience, and great suggestions and advice. Working with Benton is a remarkable professional experience, and his commitment to helping every client attain his/her personal branding goals is apparent. He has an easy-going manner that immediately puts one at ease and an authenticity that I greatly appreciate. Benton's knowledge concerning personal branding and coaching is unparalleled, and I highly recommend him!"


Victoria E. Rankin, University of Virginia PhD and Leadership Coach

"I have had the pleasure of working with Benton at Simon Business School. As an academic coach and career consultant, Benton was personable and professional. I could depend on him for sound advice and instrumental guidance as I navigated my academic and professional career. Overall, Benton is highly competent and has a genuine interest in helping others succeed."

Shay Freeman, Senior Global Marketing Manager, Medtronic

“ Benton is an exceptional colleague and coach who I very enthusiastically recommend! Benton is a leader in the personal branding space, and regularly supports and trains his colleagues on the latest personal branding principles and techniques so that we can all lead our clients to better career success. He is an enthusiastic team member, always jumping in to take on projects and try new ways of doing things. He is focused, attentive, and kind, and peer coaching sessions with him always leave me feeling motivated, skilled, and energized. I also particularly appreciate his expertise in international career issues, and recommend him strongly for his work supporting global mobility and education. I would take any opportunity to work with Benton again!"

Janet Matta, Career Service Manager, Spring Board

“When I was looking to make a transition from a startup where I had worked for 6 years to a new role to a much larger company, having Benton as a coach was extremely valuable. Even as someone who has advised others on shaping their careers, I needed a fresh perspective and a coach who would ask challenging questions; Benton was exactly that. Everyone should have someone in their corner like him!"

Adrian J. Hopkins, BA Yale University & Business Development Strategist, New York

“ Benton is an extremely talented Career Coach with a knack for understanding situations from multiple perspectives, and providing strategic and tactical guidance. I had the pleasure of working with Benton over several months during a career transition. Benton especially helped me with interviewing and personal branding. His positive attitude, leadership, and solution-oriented approach make Benton a very valuable Advisor/Coach/Consultant."

Erica Sedeno Goetgeluk, Rice University MBA and FP&A Manager, Upland Software

“ Benton is an incredibly thoughtful brand expert and career coach. Through SoFi's Career Coaching Program, Benton guided me through deep questions about my personal brand and finding the sweet spot between vocation and market need. Most importantly, he helped me find paid work that I love. I couldn't recommend him more highly."

Peter Glenn, Senior Marketing Manager, Glassdoor

“ Benton has been a great advisor in both my professional and personal development. His holistic approach helps bridge my personal goals and values to the company's mission and vision. 

This was very helpful when I was in the process of looking for my next opportunity. We had put together a comprehensive roadmap from brainstorming all the way to growing into my role once in the company. Benton's expertise in career coaching was instrumental to accepting the best offer not just with compensation but also with culture fit and growth opportunities."


Sofia Garcia, Head of Operations, Make School

“ It's rare to come across a career strategist and coach like Benton. As I've had the pleasure of working with Benton to map out my post-MBA career goals, discuss my strengths and weaknesses, and monitor my job search progress. From helping review my marketing collateral (resume, etc.) to negotiation strategy, he provided end-to-end support. Above all, I was impressed by Benton's ability to quickly assess a situation and provide tactical and strategic insights. For example, I found myself in a time-sensitive and complex situation and he immediately got on the phone with me and broke down the several options I had and the pros and cons of each. His even-keeled and composed personality makes this seem effortless. Benton is a true asset for anyone that needs career strategy and coaching and comes with my heartfelt recommendation."


Jeff Ho, Ross School of Management MBA and Director, Customer Operations, Minted

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