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Helping High-Achieving Introverts Get Promoted Faster and Paid More.

Vision. Action. Growth.

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Are you ready for your next big transition?

Career Transition Coaching Package

● 2-hour Introductory Discovery Coaching Intensive

● 8 1 hour Coaching Sessions (over 3-month period)

● 90 Minutes Recorded Mock Interview & Debrief

● Shiny and Spotless LinkedIn profile

● Transition Workbook

● Guided Actions & Accountability After Each Coaching Session

● Unlimited Email Support During Coaching Engagement

Ready To Make Your Next Career Transition A Reality?

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Get Promoted! Jumpstart

Are you struggling to get promoted at work? Great news! I've got your back with my Get Promoted! Jumpstart coaching conversation. In 45 minutes, I will tell you why you are not getting promoted at work and provide you with two concrete steps to fix this.

● Powerful online 360 reputation assessment used by Fortune 500 companies. You will first do the online self-assessment for 10 minutes and then send it to 5 people of your choice for feedback. It typically takes 5-7 days to gather insightful responses.

● 24 hours after closing your assessment you will get a detailed report by email with insights on how others perceive you.

● Afterwards, you do a 45-minute powerful coaching debrief with me.


Ready To Make the Jump?

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Coaching from the inside out, I help high-achieving introverts uncover their biggest and boldest dreams, remove roadblocks and connect these dreams with powerful goals and outer actions. Specializing in Getting Promoted, Personal Branding and Career Transitions - my goal and absolute passion - is to guide you to accomplishing your career dreams faster.

“Benton was my career strategist during my transition from Amica Insurance into the JET programme. His knowledge and direction allowed me to construct a plan of attack for the application and interview process, including a bevy of resources and a mock interview that mirrored my real one. In addition to this prep, Benton also assisted me with exploring other career options and conducting effective informational interviews. He is a pleasure to work with and had a meaningful impact on my application and acceptance for the JET programme. I recommend him highly."

LIFE is a journey. 

Let’s enjoy the process!


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