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Transform Your Life with Benton McTaggart: Where High Achievers Find Clarity, Purpose, and Unshakable Confidence.

You've reached impressive milestones—a rewarding career, a booming business, a dream home. Yet, beneath the surface, there's a sense you're meant for more than material achievements like luxury cars,  successful careers, or even family milestones. 

You're at a turning point, ready to embrace your full potential and pursue goals that are not only bold but deeply fulfilling. You understand there's a greater purpose awaiting beyond the conventional markers of success, and you're ready to discover it.

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You seek inner success, fulfillment, self-acceptance, and spiritual growth. 


You may find yourself struggling to thrive, caught between a longing for inner peace and the sense that your soul isn't fulfilling its true purpose. 

Despite numerous attempts to regain your path and crafting detailed plans to convince yourself that your life is sufficiently rewarding, a deeper sense of success eludes you. Externally, you embody success, with tangible achievements that anyone would admire.

Yet, an inner voice whispers of untapped potential each morning, reminding you that there's much more within you, waiting to soar and flourish once again.

You might feel stuck, as if despite trying everything to reach your grandest life goals, the profound impact and fulfillment you yearn for remain elusive.

Does this resonate with you?

You've uplifted your energy, practiced daily meditation, clearly defined your desires, and surrendered them to the vastness of the universe, hoping for life to weave its magic.

You've sought guidance from top-tier mentors or joined elite mastermind groups, set ambitious goals, and revamped your daily habits to achieve them.

You've poured every bit of your energy into massive actions, invested in self-improvement tools like a new Peloton Bike and "Atomic Habits," and started your days at 4 AM to seize every opportunity.

You've explored therapy to heal and release deep-seated doubts, fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs.

You've turned to tarot readings for insights into new relationships, financial prosperity, or the promise of complete happiness within months, only to find those predictions unfulfilled.

Despite these efforts, silence greets you in the areas of life where you most seek change.


How can I help?


As a Personal Transformation and Mindset Coach, my mission is to guide high-achievers in transforming their mindsets, behaviors, consciousness, and self-relationships. This empowers them to amplify their life goals tenfold, achieve deep inner fulfillment, and thrive like never before.

Don't be misled by the emphasis on mindset and consciousness—achieving your goals still requires external effort. However, I possess the precise strategies to unlock your utmost potential, enabling you to reach your ambitions while experiencing profound fulfillment and personal growth.

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I partner with individuals at various stages of their lives, including:

- High-achieving entrepreneurs aiming for their first $500K while seeking more balanced relationships at home.

- High-powered executives that desire mindfulness and serenity amidst crafting superior business strategies.

- Decisive, committed individuals looking to heal past traumas and accelerate their spiritual growth, gaining the confidence and inner freedom to realize their life dreams.

If you're poised to improve your life, consciousness, and personal transformation, ensuring unparalleled growth and flourishing, you've found your match!


Coaching empowers you to realize your dreams by defining your goals, planning your path, and overcoming all obstacles.


Harmonize your subconscious beliefs, habits, and emotions with your desired reality.

Tarot Cards _ Crystals

Tarot Cards offer insight from higher realms—connecting you with the universe, your higher self, spirit guides, and guardian angels—to explore options and make informed decisions for your journey ahead.


Akashic Records Consultation accesses a soul-level consciousness dimension, holding the vibrational history of every soul's human journey across time.

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