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Tarot Cards _ Crystals

Tarot Card Consultation 

A tarot card consultation with Benton is a powerful way to tap into higher dimensions of consciousness - the Universe, the Divine, Your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, or whatever your belief system - so that you can become aware of your unique circumstances, challenges, opportunities, and other possibilities. 


This puts you in a place to evaluate all your options, and make empowered decisions to experience forward movement in your area of interest.

“I'm big on different spiritual practices and experimenting with different energy modalities but tarot cards have always been at the bottom of the list for me. I never really understood them or when I did dabble, I felt they were really generic readings that didn't actually help me move forward. Benton's reading offered me so much clarity. Also, it's important to me that the card reader is a clear, unbiased energy channel. Benton is just that. He's a beautiful soul, here to help, here to inspire and lift people up. When I did get a more "difficult card" he presented it in a way that was optimistic and productive. I will definitely continue to sign up for tarot readings with him! “ 

- Jeannette Ciezykowski 

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Basic Reading

This is a 30 minute reading. This is perfect if you have one single question you want to explore. 

Investment $100

In depth reading

This is a 60 min tarot card reading. This is perfect if you want to dive deep on a topic that has many layers or you have two topics to cover. 

Investment $150

Comprehensive package

This is a 90 minute tarot card reading. This is perfect for extensive readings and analysis such as 12 month forcasts

Investment $200

Disclaimer: Tarot Consultations are not meant to replace personal judgment and are not approved as a treatment for any medical or psychological condition by the Food and Drug Administration or by any regulatory authority of the United States. Tarot is based on spiritual belief, not medical study, and nothing on this page should be construed as medical advice. We are not licensed physicians. Anything expressed in Tarot Consultations is of personal opinion and should only be viewed for entertainment. Please use your discernment and personal judgment when engaging in a Tarot Consultation.

“I usually have reservations around any sort of readings, for reasons most people share. However, it is evident that Benton has a natural gift, coupled with his emotional intelligence that really contextualizes these cards with little to no prior information. I’ve had two readings done so far, and both times I have watched his insights play out as my reality. He truly allows the cards to guide him through his interpretations and keeps his interpretations free of bias. Extremely intuitive man and respectful in his delivery of whatever message the cards have to say. Give it a try and be intentional with your goal (s) to get the best out of the sessions. "

- Jeremy Parchment 

“I thoroughly enjoyed my first session with Benton! It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, honestly. I got both career and love oriented readings and each left me with a lot to think about. We touched on major events/actions of my past, how they are impacting my present and, while a bit difficult perhaps, some things I need to improve on in order to reach my full potential and accomplish all that I am capable of. 


Overall, it was a great reminder that I am slowly but surely making my way to where I want to be and I have to trust in myself and that process. When we finished I was left feeling not only optimistic, but realistic about my future, so to speak. I know what steps I should be taking and I’m very excited to see these things through.”

- DJ


“Benton Benton Benton ! There's so many expressionable words to define you. What stood out the most to me during my first and only read with you was your "insightful" ability to be able to take a set of cards to help enlighten me on my journey of life.  The compassion behind your work is unmatched. The "read" was spot on! For an hour, I felt like I was in a fairy tale as you read. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. All was well received. As you continue on your life's purpose of enlightening others, I wish you nothing but abundant of success !”




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