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"Benton's superpower as a coach is his ability to listen deeply and intuit what I'm not saying. He asks the right questions at the right time.


I would not have gained the insights I did without his kind and intelligent approach. Benton is a powerful coach and worth every penny. "

- Erin Kirk, Professionally Certified Life and Performance Coach


"I've worked with Benton for over six months as he's coached me on leadership, career vision, and personal branding. Benton is the model of an intuitive listener, as he sparks creative thought, listens to how I process that thought verbally, then recaps my thoughts succinctly into a tight message, and propels me forward. His coaching approach has been excellent, helping me to strip down my career ambitions into a sequence of actions and events, and helping me to craft a message about myself that gives me confidence to move forward. Beyond the output of Benton's services, he's a joy to speak with during our sessions. I'd recommend him to anyone."

- Jesse Lambert, Senior Manager | Strategic Planning and Implementation 

"I cannot forget how much Benton's coaching sessions unblocked me from myself a few years ago. His sessions were interactive, informative and transformative. They were one of the best 60 minutes I spent, each week, during that time.

Since our sessions have ended, yes, I still struggle with a few things - but every now and then, I hear him in my head reminding me to ignore my gremlin :); and then I remember not to be too hard on myself and dismiss the gremlin, to keep moving forward.

If you are in need of someone to help you identify areas that you are not growing, Benton will help - and he'll show you how to use little but impactful tips and tricks to grow and keep moving forward."

 - Chantal Jenoure, Marketing and Content Strategist 



"Working with Benton has been an incredible experience. Together, we have explored work and life situations that appeared to be complicated. After going through the coaching process with Benton, the solutions appeared, and I could take action to accomplish my goals. Benton takes the time to listen to what is being said, and more importantly, what is NOT being said. I appreciate his talent for taking my thoughts and wrapping them up like a nicely decorated package. I appreciate Benton and the work he does! "

Tammy Cowser, Chief Human Resources Officer

"When I was looking to make a transition from a startup where I had worked for 6 years to a new role to a much larger company, having Benton as a coach was extremely valuable. Even as someone who has advised others on shaping their careers, I needed a fresh perspective and a coach who would ask challenging questions; Benton was exactly that. Everyone should have someone in their corner like him!"
- Adrian Hopkins, SVP, Internal Culture and Communications



Benton has the gift to make deeper connections with people to draw their inner issues out and help them. He deployed a variety of skills in identifying my roadblocks and offered techniques to overcome those with ease. Benton's coaching is tailor made as he adapted his approach to whatever was going to help me achieve progress at any time, with any set of challenges. He is a perceptive listener who asks insightful questions that propel you through a process of productive discovery. His coaching is the best investment of time and money for achieving professional and personal growth.

Sukanya Raj, MBA and Business Analyst 


"Benton is an extremely talented Coach with a knack for understanding situations from multiple perspectives, and providing strategic and tactical guidance. I had the pleasure of working with Benton over several months during a career transition. Benton especially helped me with interviewing and personal branding. His positive attitude, leadership, and solution-oriented approach make Benton a very valuable Advisor/Coach/Consultant." 

- Erica Sedeno, Finance Manager, Meta

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