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Akashic Records Consulting

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic library of information that contain all the details of your soul and its journey. 

"We Are Each Here for a Special Purpose"

-Dr. Bruce D. Schneider

How are the records accessed?

There are various ways to access the Akashic Records, and these ways have been referenced throughout history. 


I access the Records using the sacred prayer tradition with the Pathway Prayer Process divinely downloaded by Dr. Linda Howe. 

This process starts with getting permission from you to access your Records as well as it allows me to consciously stream the information that comes through the Akashic Records.

What can I expect from an Akashic Records Consultation?

A consultation with the Akashic Records starts with Benton getting your current legal name, your preferred pronoun, and your permission to open your Records. 


He then uses the Pathway Prayer Process - divinely downloaded by Dr. Linda Howe - to open your Akashic Records. He typically takes a couple moments of silence to acclimate to the energetic vibration of your Records. 


He typically will be prompted by the Masters, Teachers and Loved One - these are higher forms of consciousness who hold wisdom about soul-level truth within the Records - to let you know that you can proceed with your situation or question. 


You then proceed by asking open-ended, and clarity seeking questions. 

beginning with: what, when, where, how or why. You may also describe the current situation or challenge you are experiencing. Please come prepared with 3-6 questions you would like to be answered.


In some cases, where relevant, the Records may inform you of the underlining causes and conditions of your situation. Or they may provide you with divine wisdom that assists with your soul’s growth, healing,  and evolution. 

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What kind of information can I get from Akashic Records? 

Accessing the Akashic Records can be very crucial when you are experiencing major life transitions (e.g. grief, divorce, relationship issues), you are stuck in unyielding patterns of behaviors and habits, you are feeling trapped, or you are experiencing complex dilemmas or you are just wanting to get guidance and directions in your life. 


Questions that begin with: what, why, and how, tend to produce the most helpful information, while time-related or yes/no questions tend to produce the least amount of information.

“It was refreshing to be in the presence of someone who is as whole, and aligned as Benton! I knew I could trust him with something so intimate (my akashic records). Benton's reading gave me insight, and I walked away with the information and the clarity on my direction as I move forward in my life's purpose.”

- Vivian Hughes 

Benton has a way of making you feel like you can immediately trust him. This allows for a more transparent and authentic experience. He read my Akashic Records. Everything Benton said aloud deeply resonated with me. I received closure in many areas and my curiosity was sparked in others. My dreams were vivid after the reading. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone seeking truth coupled with professionalism to reach out to Benton."


-Kayla Brossett 


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Consultations are currently done via Phone

30 minutes

Investment $275

45 minutes

Investment $350

60 minutes

Investment $395

Session confirmed after payment  


Disclaimer: Akashic Records Consultations are not meant to replace personal judgment and are not approved as a treatment for any medical or psychological condition by the Food and Drug Administration or by any regulatory authority of the United States. Akashic Records are based on spiritual belief, not medical study, and nothing on this page should be construed as medical advice. We are not licensed physicians. Anything expressed in Akashic Records Consultations is of personal opinion and should only be viewed for entertainment. Please use your discernment and personal judgment when engaging in an Akashic Records Consultation.

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