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Transformational Coaching

You deserve to experience a magnificent life. 

You deserve to experience infinite success, and feel deep inner peace achieving it. 

You deserve to flourish.

I am a leading expert on deep holistic personal transformation. I partner with my clients to eliminate deep rooted beliefs that are holding them back, access profound inner motivation, and develop the habits, blueprint, and daily action steps to make the life of their dreams happen. My approach works on their mind, bodies, spirit, emotions, and environment to ensure that deep, permanent change happens in all areas of their lives.


I move high achievers from feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and limited by their success to feeling confident, worthy, and highly conscious, so that they can become the person they feel proud of.


Are you ready to embrace the divine magnificent being that you are? 


Working with Benton you...

Do deep inner work to evict the inner critic in your head, so that you create the confidence to stop waiting and go after the life of your dreams.


Elevate your consciousness and inner fulfillment, so that you feel validated, courageous and excited to go make your wildest dreams happen.


Break self-sabotaging habits, behaviors, emotions, and patterns, so that you become the most actualized version of yourself, even if you have tried dozens of self-help programs that did not work out. 

Design a powerful blueprint for your life and success, even if you feel overwhelmed and have zero ideas where to start right now.

"The cost of your old life is the cost of your new life" Mel Robbins

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How It Works 

01. Apply 

Select a time on the appointment schedule that works best for you and complete a brief application to partner with me on the magnificent life goals you want to create in your life. 


02. Connect

I will review your application, and we will connect via Zoom for a further conversation. If I am able to partner with you, I will explain to you how we do so in this conversation.

03. Commit

The final step is making a decisive and committed decision to take full ownership of making your magnificent life goal a reality.


Benton creates a full day coaching intensive around the important life goals you wish to manifest. We identify where you want to go, come up with a blueprint to make it happen, and align beliefs to get you there. This package is for you if you prefer to jump right in, and tackle big goals in one go. 


Benton partners with you over a three month period with 10 1-hour coaching sessions. This is perfect if you want to do a complete overhaul in 2-3 major areas of your life but you prefer to take smaller steps to get there. 


This program - created by Doctor Bruce Schneider founder of iPEC - is for you if you are ready to unlock your unlimited potential and elevate your consciousness. Benton will partner with you over 13 1-hour coaching sessions to take you through the program, which is focused on your spiritual evolution.

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